Sunday, August 19, 2012

While I was goofing off...

Flying Point
Company was in town. This happens in the summertime. The paints went untouched. I did catch up on reading some of the free magazines that are left in shop doorways during the summer season. Check out the Hamptons Magazine article, A Shinnecock Estate with Artful Foundations, to see Beth Rundquist's Peacock painting in the sunroom. I loved seeing a gallery favorite in its real home. The  house in the article is one of the former artist cottages at the site where William Merritt Chase taught the summer art school. The first art school in America devoted to plein air painting.
 Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art 1891-1902
 William Merritt Chase did numerous plein air paintings of the Shinnecock area of Southampton, but none that I could find of a peacock.
A Sunny Day at Shinnecock Bay, William Merritt Chase
Not all of Chase's paintings were completed at the beach, as this painting attests:
Alice in the Shinnecock Studio 2, William Merritt Chase

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