Tuesday, September 4, 2012

North Haven

Labor Day was beautiful. Sunny with wisps of clouds, 74 degrees. A perfect day to paint outdoors. We decided to head to North Haven. North Haven is an almost island connected to the south fork by Long Beach and to Sag Harbor by the Jordan Haerter Memorial Bridge.
We headed down a narrow unpaved path off Harbor Drive.
The wind is blowing, but we decide to go for it.
North Haven view towards Sag Harbor

Which view to paint?
Harbor Drive beach, North Haven

Where to set up to avoid the full force of the wind?
North Haven view 12" x 16" Gail Gallagher
North Haven view 12" x 16" Hugh Gallagher
Back at home, we observe the 'wrongs & rights' of our efforts. Hugh is dissatisfied with tone. I notice a glaring perspective error.  Yet, its all good. We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and learned more about working with paint outdoors.

Susan D'alessio a local artist and member of a painting group called Plein Air Peconic also painted near this spot. Here is her painting, available at Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor.
Sag Harbor View from North Haven 12" x 16"
Susan D'alessio

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