Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Last Rose of Summer

The cool nights have begun and it won't be long now before the garden blooms will be at an end. As the rose bushes get fewer and fewer new buds I am suddenly reminded to stop and smell the roses and to also consider painting them.  For example, a beautiful scene greats those arriving at the East Hampton train station. The roses climbing the spit rail fence out front announce to disembarking passengers that surely they have arrived in a heavenly place. Your bicycles await.
The Garden Club of East Hampton, founded in 1914, keeps the train station roses looking gorgeous as one of their many acts of generous community service. If you stop to ask them their dead heading techniques they are bound to tell you to grab a clipper and join in the work. In Southampton, there is also a beautiful rose garden at the Rogers Memorial Library It was presented to the people of the town in 2003 by the Southampton Rose Society.
Southampton Rose Society Garden at Rogers Memorial Library
closer look at Rogers Library roses
On your way home, don't forget to stop and check out the roses and other assorted blooms outside Kathleen King's bake shop Tates, on North Sea Road in Southampton. Of course, you may need to sample some of their delicious chocolate chip cookies while you are there.
Tates Bake Shop
Back in my own back yard, I examine the David Austins, the Knock Outs, and the Martha's Vineyard roses to see what I can put together for a still life set up.
backyard beauties
I select a blue and white Russian porcelain tea cup, a gift from my sister-in-law, and fill it with flowers.
Here is my work so far, it's not done yet!

I searched Youtube and found this sweet version of "The Last Rose of Summer". The music is by George Alexander Osborne with words by Irish poet Thomas Moore sung by Deanna Durbin just before her 17th birthday in 1938.


  1. Just beautiful..Your writing,the roses and the painting

  2. Beautiful Hampton scenery. What a wonderful greeting to arrive by rail to such beautiful gardens. Your painting is looking so good.

  3. Love the blog about roses. I also love your painting of the cup of roses, esecially your softer treatment of the blue & white cup.


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