Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sag Harbor Swan

The swan was hanging out in Marine Park off Bay Street in Sag Harbor. It was casually having a drink from a puddle in the drive way. I crept forward slowly, trying to catch a photo. Suddenly a car cruised within inches. The swan casually ignored it. It was nearly tame! There were a couple more swans taking naps in the grass. I watched them for awhile. So beautiful. A few paintings of note:
A Long Island Lake by William Merritt Chase from here
William Merritt Chase was inspired by them.
Some artists are famous for the skill in capturing them.
I love Poppy Melia's paintings.
She captures a swan's many poses.
Poppy Melia
Check out these beauties. 
Marsh Cinque Foil and Swan, 2000
Poppy Melia lives in Kerry, Ireland and is known worldwide for her beautiful pieces.
More about Poppy here.
Swan Cygnets and Bogbean, 1996
I took my first adult drawing class in the studio of John Pitcher and Sue Westin in Dorset, Vermont. I was inspired by my Dad who drew the family Christmas card. Each year Dad drew a different bird. My Dad had passed away that year and I was hoping to keep up the family tradition. The workshop in John and Sue's studio that Saturday was the beginning of my adult art journey.
Ibis at Tarpon Bay, Sue Westin
I can hear John's voice now saying, "you can't just look at an evergreen tree and draw a triangle" you have to observe the dark and light, the shapes and shadows. The beginnings of learning to see. 
More about John and Sue and Gold Leaf Studios here.
Field Sketch, White-Crowned Sparrow by John Pitcher
my Christmas card, 2000
I drew a cardinal in a pine bough the Christmas after my workshop with John Pitcher and it graced the front of the Christmas card that year. My Mom saved many of my Dad's cards. His version of the cardinal was a favorite. Dad always added the Star of Bethlehem and a Christmas verse on the front of the card to celebrate the season.  What are your Holiday traditions?
Dad's bird

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