Monday, December 31, 2012

Three Roses

I am grateful to a friend for inspiring three paintings of roses that wouldn't have otherwise been created this year. "J"asked for an 8 x 10 "mostly rose" painting to go in an antique frame. For a Sunday painter, the set ups had to be either painted quickly or last for a few weeks. I began the project in winter when only greenhouse grown flowers were available. Hothouse roses look artificial to me unless you are lucky to get blooms that are fresh enough to actually open before they die. With no time for finding out, I decided to use faux flowers that I picked up at Marders for the first two paintings. By the time I got to the third painting I was able to use roses from my garden. 
Rose 1
Rose 2
Rose 3
You may be wondering which painting got chosen.
This one!
Lucky me, three new paintings and a fourth to a new home.
Thank you "J" 

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