Monday, January 28, 2013

The beauty of snow

It began snowing late Friday night and by morning a dusting of new snow glittered in the sun.  The snow resting on the tops of tree branches brought each bough into sharp relief like a painterly highlight. Lake Agawam, across Gin Lane from St. Andrew's Dune Church, was nearly frozen. The Dune church stood quietly shuttered in the crisp winter air. 
St. Andrew's Dune Church, Southampton
St. Andrew's is open from June through September. Today I was peacefully alone. Only the track of one loan dog walker made a pathway through the snow past the front door. 
According to an article in the Southampton Patch, part of the original building was a life-saving station dated from 1851. That building was virtually destroyed by the Great Hurricane of 1938. The current building was opened in 1939 and is now a very popular spot for weddings. I promise to take you back in the summer so that you can see the inside. The interior is lovely when light magnified by the sea is shining through the historic stained glass windows.

View towards Lake Agawam from ocean side
St Andrew's ocean side view
East View from Dune Church towards the Bath and Tennis club
The Old Whalers Church in Sag Harbor was also effected by the Great Hurricane of 1938. The steeple was blown off and never replaced. The building is beloved by residents for its' unique profile. More about Old Whalers Church here.
Photo from here
Whalers Church Sag Harbor
Hugh was inspired to paint the Old Whalers Church.
Old Whalers Church by Hugh Gallagher
Before heading home, I stopped at Schmidt's Market in Southampton. 
It was like going from Kansas to Oz.  A profusion of color. Eye candy.

Gorgeous Forelle Pears, yes please!

Back in the studio...
Setting the scene
Pear study, Gail Gallagher

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