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Flying Point and Jane Freilicher

I went out to Flying Point beach to see what the latest storms hath wrought. After reading the Southampton Press article last week describing the cars from the 1960s revealed as beach bulkhead material, I wanted to see for myself what was going on there.  Most of the auto bits and pieces had been removed. One tire and axel remained. The wind was whipping and the surf was beautiful.
Beach area in front of the beach club
In this week's Southampton Press, columnist Kim Covell Motz included a photo contributed by Matt Ivans from his family scrapbook. The photo is from when the cars were originally placed in front of the Water Mill Beach Club in the 1960s to protect the beach. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Photo courtesy Matt Ivans here
When family comes to visit we proudly take them to Flying Point Beach. The ocean is beautiful and long beach walks along the beautiful surf line make each visit special. When my nephews were here last the excitement of finding a recently dead shark in front of the Beach Club was a highlight of their trip. Before this winter's storms, you could walk from the Flying Point parking lot East past the Water Mill Beach Club and the Mecox cut to Sagg Main Beach. Now the walk East is blocked at the Beach Club by water lapping at the exposed bulkhead. The Mecox cut is wide and much deeper. A sign is up warning of dangerous water. 
Watermill Beach Club after Hurricane Sandy
The Water Mill Beach Club is immediately west of the Mecox cut. As you can see from the photo above, it was completely wrecked by hurricane Sandy.  The original Beach Club building was first constructed in 1922 and rebuilt after the hurricane of 1938.  First building = 16 years. Second building = 74 years. I'm hoping that building number three lasts at least as long as number two.
Watermill Beach Club being rebuilt (upper left)
Near the Mecox cut or more accurately the "seapoose"
View from the end of Flying Point Road towards Mecox Bay 
There is a lovely home between the Water Mill Beach Club and the Flying Point parking lot. A home that I have walked past and envied countless summers.  Set back in the dunes, I pictured children in damp bathing suits having lunch on the front veranda exhausted and giggly as sea breezes cooled their sun burnt cheeks. Now the wide barrier of dune is gone and the house stands still beautiful but very vulnerable. 
Flying Point Beach
map showing the former configuration of the beach 
Along Flying Point Road, the view across Mecox Bay is spectacular.

Artist Jane Freilicher has a home and studio near Mecox Bay. 
Jane Freilicher, photo © 2011 Jonathan Becker 
In the early 1960s, Freilicher and her husband, Joe Hazan built a home and studio overlooking Mecox Bay in Water Mill. She has maintained NYC and Water Mill residences ever since and has painted the views and surroundings in both locations. A 2011 show featured these scenes. A review of that show, "The View from Jane Freilicher's Window" here. Freilicher has been an important member of the East End art scene for many years. 

At Flying Point Beach - Water Mill 1961
Jane WilsonJane FreilicherJoe HazanCharles Yardley Turner
photo by John Jonas Gruen from Parrish Museum archive
Bright Day (1973) Jane Freilicher
oil on canvas 32" x 40"
Tibor De Nagy gallery here
Jane Freilicher at her exhibition, 2011. Photo: Deanna Sirlin
photo and lovely review from here
Do get a copy of this beautiful book that celebrates Freilicher's work.  She has led such an interesting life as both an artist, and as a muse and friend to poets and her artist peers. She is a lauded member of and witness to the art scene of these past years. Various reviewers have commented on her modesty and unassuming nature so I can hope, but not expect, that she would write a memoir. I wish she would write one. I would love to read it. Thank you Jane Freilicher for your beautiful work and inspiration!
Book by Klaus Kertess published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc
available here and your museum store

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