Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plein Air Potato Field

The Hamptons are home to beautiful farmlands. The farm on 114 and Stephen Hands Path is one that we had driven past and admired for years. Recently we visited with our paints and easels. As soon as I stepped out of the car I closed my eyes and inhaled. The smell was amazing. A bouquet of herbes de Hampton. Something that I certainly didn't notice or appreciate whizzing by in the car. We set up our easels with the hope of capturing the view.
Red winged black birds flying in and out of the brush.
Clouds drifting across the perfect blue sky.
Bees buzzing around the potato blossoms.
I was doing more dreaming than doing.
I stood back and walked over to check Hugh's progress.
He nailed it. 
I love his point of view.
Potato Field by Hugh Gallagher
I think you'll see us here again.
Information from the Peconic Land Trust about farm stands here.

Peter Spacek

The first thing that I turn to each week in the East Hampton Star is Peter Spacek's cartoon. He always manages to create a wry illustration of the latest local pass time or controversy. Dog walking at the beach has been a hot topic recently with tempers flaring on both sides.

Cartoonist and Surfer video from here
Surf and Mirth published 2010
Profile from the Surfing Handbook here article about Peter here
How to contact Peter regarding images and commissions at Ditch Ink here
Thanks for keeping me laughing Peter!
Hampton's Dog photo taken at Majors Path Recycling Center

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Film Inspiration

 Sag Harbor Cinema was recently showing the film Renoir based on the last years of the impressionist painter's life. In preparation for his role, the actor Michael Bouquet is coached in how to hold his paint brush by a convicted art forger, Guy Ribes. (See NY Times article here) The film was lushly filmed and I did enjoy Bouquet's characterization of Renoir, but unless you are an Impressionist freak or Francophile you may be napping in your chair. I loved it as I am both of the above. The movie is full of beauty and stillness (i.e. action not so much) Add this one to the Movies about Artists file for inspiration.

Preview of Renoir Directed by Gilles Bourdos

Footage of Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting (1915)
more information regarding this clip and others here 

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bicycle Meme Continues

Hamptons Magazine is teaming up with Brooklyn Cruiser as part of their 35th Anniversary Celebration to raise funds for The Group for the East End. The auction of celebrity accessorized bicycles is open online now. The auction ends Friday July 19th. The bikes are fabulous. You can check and see how your bids are doing at Charity Buzz: here. Check out these wheels:
Brooklyn Cruiser by Television Cook and Author Sandra Lee
Brooklyn Cruiser by Celebrity Chef Katie Lee
Great idea for a birthday/anniversary/anything gift for the man who has everything? How about a bicycle designed by the Governor of the State of New York? Unique and for a good cause.
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by Governor Andrew Cuomo
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by Fashion Designer Elie Tahari
Brooklyn Cruiser by Samantha Yanks Editor in Chief of Hamptons Magazine
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by Debra Halpert Publisher of Hamptons Magazine
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by Fashion Designer Jonathan Adler and Barney's Executive Simon Doonan
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by Actress and Comedienne Ali Wentworth
Brooklyn Cruiser designed by C. Wonder founder Christopher Burch
So far the bidding is not fast and furious. 
Don't let these bicycles trade on the cheap.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eric Fischl at Guild Hall

photo by wowe
Artist Eric Fischl was at Guild Hall last night as part of their "Artist in Conversation" series.  Phyllis Tuchman interviewed him on the stage of the John Drew Theater, a wonderful jewel box of a venue. I thought he would read from his new memoir Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas, instead he and Phyllis got into a mesmerizing conversation about his life, art and inspirations. Some comments that struck me: Fischl described his painting style as "narrative" and that the viewer was supposed to say, "What's going on here?" when looking at the piece. That was exciting to hear since that was exactly what I had thought when looking at his pieces.
Beach Scene with Pink Hat (2006)
56" x 108" Oil on Linen
Fischl also mentioned that he wasn't taught traditional art techniques and in answer to a question regarding whether or not he had assistants helping to create his paintings (he does not) made mention of the mud piles of unsatisfactory color blends created on his palate before he gets to the right one. (He's human too!) I also found it interesting that he began painting in the abstract and came around to representational art later. It seems most artists take the opposite path.
Afterwards there was a book signing.
Eric Fischl was an inspiring and engaging speaker.
I'm very much looking forward to reading his book.
The June 28- July 4th issue of Hamptons magazine has one of Fischl's pieces on the cover with a nice article inside.
Eric Fischl oil paint on Kromokote
Check out Eric Fischl's website for more including videos.  
A World and An Artist Transformed NY Times link here
Eric Fischl, Under the Weight of Tradition article here
Visit the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton to view the heart rending sculpture Tumbling Woman (more about the sculpture here)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ditch Plein Air

A hot beautiful day. A perfect day to for the the beach. I was itching to get out the paints, so we packed up our easels and headed over to Ditch Plains in Montauk. I have been thinking about a beach painting that includes the lifeguard stands as part of the scene, but was open to what ever inspired. The bluffs, the surf, the people. Ditch Plains has a lot to offer in the way of scenery.
We parked in the main parking area, the lifeguard stands had been moved further East near the East Deck hotel parking lot, mostly likely due to the concentration of surfer activity in that area. 
Conditions were good for whatever struck our fancy. 
The Bob Dylan quote quite apt.
Nice View from the top of the dunes.
A lifeguard promptly told us to get off of them. Oops, sorry.
The bluffs, always pretty as a picture.
Lots of action down near the water.
Plenty of painting inspiration.
Hugh goes for it.
Goal: Have fun. 
Work on perspective.
Get some people in there!
After a few hours we were plenty thirsty and ready for home.
Next time, more people.
More surfers!
More ocean.
Ditch Plains - oil on canvas 11" x 14"
Gail Gallagher
Ditch Plains - oil on canvas 11" x 14"
Hugh Gallagher
A great day was had by all!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bicycles in Southampton

It's summer and the beautiful weather affords us the opportunity for comfortable two wheeled travel. Bicycles are in evidence all over the Village. As the Citibikes in Manhattan also serve as an advertising tool as well as a commuting tool, some bicycles in Southampton also call out the charm of a local establishment.
Blue bicycle in front of Tamara Comelli
 I met the lovely Miss E. in front of Jack Wills.
She was passing out invitations to a shopping event with refreshments. 
For more news on summer events, follow them on Twitter here
 Near the green awnings of J. McLaughlin
Outside Calypso
Joe Fresh bikes for rent at Rotations
Rotations has everything for the two wheeled enthusiast. 
Weekend visitors, get your helmet here for riding on your Citibike during the week!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


If you travel between New York City and points East it is highly likely that you will find yourself in slow traffic on the Long Island Expressway behind a Hampton Jitney bus. Just follow the photo of Linda Scott's Stargazer sculpture on the Jitney and it will lead you straight to the Hamptons. A star gazing deer with antlers in its mouth gazes at the sky from a farm field off Route 111 in Manorville. A recent article in Dan's Papers includes the drawing below and retells the interesting tale of the Stargazer.

The Stargazer is made of painted stucco and wood mounted on metal. It was originally commissioned by ARF to serve as an arched entrance to their property in East Hampton. When the Town discovered how large the sculpture was they nixed that idea. Luckily Scott was able to find a home for Stargazer in Manorville. The Hampton Jitney and others are currently supporters of the Stargazer. 
Linda Scott has created other Stargazing sculptures.
"The Stargazer is the connection of the above to the below."
"We are a conscious relationship to the universe. We are responsible for our planet and its future.The Stargazers exist first as monumental sculptures and are the first figurative sculptures to be translated into buldings, which are proposed cultural resort and environmental centers around the world."
Painting by Linda Scott image from here
Stargazer jewelry.
View facing north of the Stargazer from here.
David Morris (original fabricator of the Stargazer) and Linda Scott
photo from here