Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bicycles in Southampton

It's summer and the beautiful weather affords us the opportunity for comfortable two wheeled travel. Bicycles are in evidence all over the Village. As the Citibikes in Manhattan also serve as an advertising tool as well as a commuting tool, some bicycles in Southampton also call out the charm of a local establishment.
Blue bicycle in front of Tamara Comelli
 I met the lovely Miss E. in front of Jack Wills.
She was passing out invitations to a shopping event with refreshments. 
For more news on summer events, follow them on Twitter here
 Near the green awnings of J. McLaughlin
Outside Calypso
Joe Fresh bikes for rent at Rotations
Rotations has everything for the two wheeled enthusiast. 
Weekend visitors, get your helmet here for riding on your Citibike during the week!

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