Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eric Fischl at Guild Hall

photo by wowe
Artist Eric Fischl was at Guild Hall last night as part of their "Artist in Conversation" series.  Phyllis Tuchman interviewed him on the stage of the John Drew Theater, a wonderful jewel box of a venue. I thought he would read from his new memoir Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas, instead he and Phyllis got into a mesmerizing conversation about his life, art and inspirations. Some comments that struck me: Fischl described his painting style as "narrative" and that the viewer was supposed to say, "What's going on here?" when looking at the piece. That was exciting to hear since that was exactly what I had thought when looking at his pieces.
Beach Scene with Pink Hat (2006)
56" x 108" Oil on Linen
Fischl also mentioned that he wasn't taught traditional art techniques and in answer to a question regarding whether or not he had assistants helping to create his paintings (he does not) made mention of the mud piles of unsatisfactory color blends created on his palate before he gets to the right one. (He's human too!) I also found it interesting that he began painting in the abstract and came around to representational art later. It seems most artists take the opposite path.
Afterwards there was a book signing.
Eric Fischl was an inspiring and engaging speaker.
I'm very much looking forward to reading his book.
The June 28- July 4th issue of Hamptons magazine has one of Fischl's pieces on the cover with a nice article inside.
Eric Fischl oil paint on Kromokote
Check out Eric Fischl's website for more including videos.  
A World and An Artist Transformed NY Times link here
Eric Fischl, Under the Weight of Tradition article here
Visit the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton to view the heart rending sculpture Tumbling Woman (more about the sculpture here)

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