Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A New Yorker's Idea of Landscaping

 On a recent trip through Grand Central Terminal, 
I was stopped in my tracks by an unexpected art sighting.
The window of Cursive in Grand Central currently displays an arrangement of paintings by Sag Harbor artist Vincent Brandi.   I am most familiar with Brandi's work from seeing it in Sag Harbor at a somewhat unconventional venue. Brandi is not only an artist, he is the General Manager of SEAN, a men's clothing store on Main Street in Sag Harbor. The window of SEAN not only tempts passersby with fine clothing, but usually displays Brandi's atmospheric artwork as well.
Inspiration by Vincent Brandi
Oil on canvas 72" x 62"
I love the way that he captures the mood of the East End landscape through color and light.  I recognized Brandi's distinctive style immediately as I was whizzing past with the commuting crowd.
Mid-summer series #33 by Vincent Brandi
Napeague Pond by Vincent Brandi
If you can't get over to SEAN in Sag Harbor I highly recommend stopping by Cursive in Grand Central Terminal to see Brandi's work. The wonderful paintings are well worth seeing.
Vincent Brandi's web site with contact information and photos of more of his work here.

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