Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Place To Hang Art

One cloudy day on vacation last week we decided to meander over to this year's Hampton Designer Showhouse which was presented by Traditional Home to benefit Southampton Hospital.
Bodenchak Design and Build
What comes first, the home or the art? In this case, Bodenchak Design has provided a blank canvas for the interior designers to create a dream decor, choosing art that compliments the furnishings.
Michael Harold Design
Making a handsome statement in the grand foyer.
Brian del Toro Inc.
For me, the art comes first and then I figure out where it fits into the decorating scheme. I could easily get out of control and have a home with walls looking like Gertrude Stein's apartment in Paris.
Gertrude Stein's Paris Apartment
see video here from the Met Museum show
What comes first for you? 
The love of a painting or the color of your couch?
Patricia Fisher Design
This room off the kitchen was lovely and serene. 
It extends into the dining nook, below.
Patricia Fisher Design
Bakes and Co.'s beautiful cabinetry is better seen on their site.
Bakes and Company
The antique bathing costume in this powder room was fun.
Patrick Mele Design
Lowy has a wall of beautiful antique reproduction frames. 
Framing masterpieces since 1907, they would be the ones to go to if the mover drops your Monet.
Georgica Pond, Looking East by Simon Parkes
12" x 24" oil on panel
American Impressionist carved and gilt panel frame by  Lowy
Lillian August
Brian del Toro Inc.
Entry Foyer - Michael Herold Design
Kemble Interiors
 Bradley Stephens, Stephens Design Group
 Baltimore Design Group
Pretty details in this upstairs sitting room by Baltimore Design.
Baltimore Design Group
Can't have too many shell themed items in a home near the beach.
Barbara Ostrom Associates
 Barbara Ostrom Associates
Barbara Ostrom Associates
 Ken Gemes Interiors
Hamptons ladies looking into this outdoor room by Kim Courtney.
Kim E. Courtney Interiors and Design
Photo of the back of the house and pool taken from the tennis court.

Beautiful Home.
Click on the designer names to see better photos from their sites.
Click here for the Hampton Showhouse site.
The last day of the show is Monday September 2nd.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marc Dalessio's Sag Harbor

I attended the opening of Marc Dalessio's solo show at Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor this weekend. The energy was high as collectors and fans of Dalessio's work were able to shake his hand and have a few congratulatory words. Marc has been calling Zagreb his home. His East End friends were excited to have him back among them.
Laura Grenning and Marc Dalessio
Dalessio painted a number of the show's pieces en plein air in Sag Harbor and the surrounding area. Marc must have painted right up to the day of the show as a few of the pieces were propped up unframed on a shelf with the sign, "Still Wet. Please ask for assistance".
Sailboats, Sag Harbor. 8 x 12 in, oil on linen.

Sunset on Gibson Beach. 8 x 12 in, oil on linen.

Early Morning, Main Street. 10 x 14 in, oil on panel.
Main Street, Sag Harbor. 8 x 12 in, oil on panel
The IGA, Sag Harbor. 12 x 8 in, oil on panel.
The Municipal Building, Sag Harbor. 10 x 14 in, oil on panel.
photo of Marc at work from here
Scaffolding on the Old Watch Factory, Sag Harbor 8 x 12 in, oil on linen.
Marc Dalessio (b.1972) "a gifted draftsman, has been painting full time since he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from University of California in Santa Cruz in 1992. He majored in biology and art. Dalessio moved to Florence and studied at the Il Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts where he earned his masters in printmaking. For many years he also studied and taught at the the Charles Cecil Academy and more recently taught at the Florence Academy of Art. Delassio lives in Zagreb with his wife and dog, yet spends much of the year traveling and painting en plein air. He has also been painting on the East End of Long Island since 2000. Dalessio is one of the anchor painters of the Classical Painting Movement, as a teacher and a painter, as well as the foremost blogger on this subject." - bio. from Grenning Gallery
"The Terrace in Dubrovnik" is one of the anchor pieces of the show. This beautiful piece demonstrates how Dalessio constantly shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary by capturing a moment in time and memorializing it gloriously in paint.
The Terrace in Dubrovnik 47 x 59 inches, oil on linen 
I was excited to see this piece.
Coffee after the Wedding 10 x 14 inches, oil on linen
I had seen a photograph of the painting above on Dalessio's wonderful blog. One of his posts described a wedding of friends that he attended as their "Wedding Painter" instead of wedding photographer. The painting "Coffee after the Wedding" was one of these.  I am in awe of his enthusiasm and creativity.
"Woman Under An Olive Tree" 43.5 x 35.4 inches, oil on canvas
 Dalessio also describes the process of creating this gorgeous en plein air portrait of his wife on his blog here.
Plein air portraiture in the Tuscan countryside.
Marc is a great instructor too.

The Marc Dalessio show is a must see before getting out of town.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dinner at The Coast

Wooley Pond is a lovely spot just off Noyac Road in Southampton. The Coast Grill and Peconic Marina  are located at its edge. A short car ride for me and if you are one of the few fortunate who dock a boat in Peconic Marina, a short walk up the pier to The Coast for dinner.
Chef Brian Cheewing and his wife, Stacy have combined their creative energies to create a favorite dining spot. Brian recommended the fresh-off-the-morning-boat striped bass. How could I refuse? It was served with asparagus, lobster mashed potatoes and a beurre blanc. Yum.
The restaurant's interior is lovely, but the main event is the view outside.
Interior photo from here
Would you sail the "Bronx Cheer" or the "At The Restaurant"?
The Coast Grill is on Facebook and you can reserve via Open Table 
or call Stacy and say hello at (631) 283-2277.
Hugh painted this view of Wooley Pond near The Coast.
He signed and framed it this week.
Wooley Pond by Hugh Gallagher
oil on canvas 16" x 20"