Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flying Point Retreat

It gets a little crazy in the Hamptons during the summer. 
The insanity peaks in August.
Just this past week, Justin Bieber was in a nightclub brawl and VP Joe Biden was visiting Southampton with his Secret Service entourage. Biden and the Biebs could things get any better?
As the news worthy continue to descend upon us, it is good to know Flying Point Beach is here to enjoy. I like to just kick off my sandals at the wooden beach fencing and head to the water.
The snack truck. Shirts and caps. Beach umbrella rental. Ice Cream!
Cars will require a season parking pass now until Labor Day. 
Bicycles park free.
Yes, FP has a comfort station with bathrooms and cold showers.
I am still waiting to hear what you are listening to this summer! The blogosphere and I need to know. In the mean time, I would like to introduce you singer-songwriter duo Drift. Listen and LOVE.


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