Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plein Air Long Beach

Hugh had the idea to go painting at Long Beach on Saturday morning. I would have lounged with coffee and the morning papers, but Hugh knew morning was the time to be there. The homes along the cliff are illuminated by direct sunlight in the early morning. While we were setting up our easels, a local mermaid was taking her morning swim.
I'm still learning what brushes and paints to bring with me.
Hugh is better prepared and gets a quick start.
Squinting at the beauty.
Attempting to capture the scene in paint.
The sun was feeling stronger.
I realized that I had forgotten to bring water.
Big Mistake.
Fortunately Cromer's Market is within walking distance.
Out the parking lot and up Noyac Road.
The homes face the water.
The back entry gates are along the road.
I was able to get a closer glimpse on foot.
So inviting.
My oasis at last.
On the way back to the beach.
A not so subtle reminder to take care on the road.
Such a beautiful spot.
I love Hugh's painting.
Long Beach by Hugh Gallagher 10" x 20"
Mine... more work to be done.
Long Beach by Gail Gallagher 12" x 16"


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