Monday, November 18, 2013

A Walk Around Bridgehampton

Saturday was a lovely temperate fall day. Perfect for taking a walk around Bridgehampton. The Candy Kitchen (to me) is Bridgehampton's most famous landmark. The sight of the familiar blue and white awning prompts passersby to dream of their favorite frosty flavor.
I did stop in for a half gallon of their home made vanilla ice cream. 
No, I didn't eat it right then and there, I took it home.
Across the street is the Bridgehampton Historical Society.
The Historical Society's Corwith House was once a boarding house for summer visitors. Though just off the main highway, Corwith Avenue which borders the museum, looks just like a country road.  Farm fields are behind the museum and a little country church is across the way. 
The little country church on Corwith Avenue was formerly the First Baptist Church of Bridgehampton. It was purchased in 1979 by the Dia Art Foundation and is now an art gallery. The first floor has changing exhibitions. The second floor is a the long term exhibition space for the art of former Wainscott resident, Dan Flavin. Flavin (1933 - 1996) was a pioneer in the use of fluorescent light as an artistic medium.
On the first floor, work by John Chamberlain.
It Ain't Cheap (1965) by John Chamberlain (1927 - 2011)

I ascended the stairs to the second floor not knowing what to expect. As I walked around the gallery amidst Flavin's work, the light and color bouncing off the various angles of the walls was wonderful. I really enjoyed this show. My photos don't do the work justice. This exhibit and exhibition space is one of those hidden gems. 
At the back of the second floor is a room that commemorates the building's life as a church. Artifacts, photos and this stained glass window. The sun shining through its panes of glass a fitting benediction.
In the center of town, churches hold pride of place.
Familiar names on the stones of the churchyard next door.
St. Ann's is one of the most charming churches I've ever been in.
Iris were flowering in the front garden.
Every main street needs a hardware store like Thayer's.
The window of 25 Park - a show stopper.
The sun glare was ruining my view.
Just a peek inside...
Beautiful clothing. Interesting combinations.

Bridgehampton Florist has a gorgeous selection of flowers, orchids, vases, and items that accompany them. The corner light filled location highlights every delightful arrangement. I am crazy for shops like this. Please forgive the overabundance of photos.
There are always inspiring decorating ideas at Country Gear.
It is nice to find a source for fine art framing in the center of town.
 Scott Harrison Picture Framing 631-537-7474

On a wall, Becca street art. 
Becca Midwood piece on the side of a building in Bridgehampton.
After NYC's Banksy frenzy, it was fun to see that Bridgehampton was already ahead of the game with its own street art.
Take that NYC and Banksy!
One of the many galleries that I will be coming back to visit.
Loaves and Fishes has a huge selection of cooking supplies.
Topping Rose House was formerly the Bull's Head Inn.
Its story stretches back to the Revolutionary War.
Judge Abraham Topping Rose built the house in 1843.
His portrait in the hotel foyer.
To get to the beach, take Ocean Ave. South from the monument.
Small parking area, no public facilities.
Just all of this...


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