Monday, December 9, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

Three boys in green elf suits standing out front of the Southampton Center were my clue. A Christmas Market was on. Go in? Oh yeah.
It was a pleasant surprise to find a series of glorious gilded Venetian paintings hanging in the Southampton Center. Completely unexpected.
The Angel Gabriel Angel Annunciate 
The paintings are a beautiful. How did they get here? Thomas Moran brought back a gondola from Venice, perhaps paintings of angels and Madonnas were a must buy souvenir for the wealthy tourist of the time.
Antonio Vivarini was one of the first to utilize Renaissance style.
Perhaps the Parrish Museum inherited some "lesser" Venetian paintings.  Paintings without  provenance, possible clever reproductions? A Christmas market would be a great place to display them. They looked good to me! A happy discovery. Who knew?
"After Boticcelli"
The paintings create a lovely backdrop. 
I do need to find out the rest of their story.
Goods created by local entrepreneurs.
Tanya Tracy of Tanya Tracy Gourmet Home Cooking had a table full of gorgeous baked goods. I bought a couple of jars of chutney. A spoonful of the rum raisin on my vanilla ice-cream later that night was delicious!
Art by John Rist above the Friends of the Library table.
Flying fish sculpture by John Rist

At the very back of the gallery another surprise.
More paintings by local artists.
I admired these two by M. Denise Le Brun
Ice Boats on Hallock Bay
M. Denise Le Brun
Old Field / East End Barn
M. Denise Le Brun
The market runs Fridays through Sundays in December.
Expect the unexpected this holiday season
You won't be disappointed.

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