Sunday, March 9, 2014

Selfie Portrait

In honor of their exhibition, Face Time: Portraits from the Collection, the Parrish Art Museum is hosting a selfie contest. The museum is inviting visitors to contribute self portraits by uploading a selfie taken at the Parrish Art Museum to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #parishselfie. Participants will be eligible to win a museum membership, tickets to a museum program, or other Parrish goodies. The contest is on until the exhibition ends on April 14th.
I checked out Instagram (after I looked up my password) and saw only a baker's dozen entries. In today's world of the sefie THAT shouldn't be allowed to stand! So I went to the Parrish on Saturday and went selfie mad. I had a blast. I think it was the first time I had spoken with the nice gentlemen that are guarding the art. Photography is allowed everywhere but the room with the "Splash" sculptures. Too bad! They would have been very cool to selfie in front of. See here
I began with a classic selfie. The restroom mirror shot. The beginning of all selfie-dom, before phone cameras had a lens on each side. I like the contrast of black and white with the color pop of my phone case.
The chrome of John Chamberlain's sculpture begged a closer look.
John Chamberlain's sculpture Tambourinefrappe 2010
painted chrome and steel
private collection, courtesy Gagosian Gallery
A perfect selfie medium.
The Boys, 1990 by Tina Barney
Chromogenic Print 48" x 60" photo from here
The photo of the innocent boys in their dark jackets makes for a spooky selfie juxtaposition. A hovering angel or malevolent spirit?
Child Reading by Leon Kroll, 1943
oil on paper 19 1/8 x 27 1/8
photo from here
lovely piece but not so good for selfie reflection
The Museum suggested being creative with your selfie.
Unusual angles, costumes, or strike a pose.
I wore black and white to match the lady in black.
Lady in Black, 1904 by Robert Henri (1865-1929)
oil on canvas 78 3/8" x 38 1/2"
photo from here
The Guard said that her eyes follow you around the room.
I think she is looking at the camera.
Portrait of a Girl in Red Embroidered Jacket c1896
by William Merritt Chase (1849-1916)
oil on canvas 25 3/8" x 18 1/2"
photo from here
Instagram filter Amaro
Now its your turn.
Get to the Parrish Art Museum before April 14th and take a selfie!


  1. Oh you are brave! And lovely!..
    I am camera shy even alone..Much perefer being in back of the camera:)
    Good for you..Hope you win:)

    1. From "should I blog under my real name" to full blown selfies! Craziness :) I hope more people compete... it is a fun idea and made me definitely think of the art in a different way.


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