Monday, March 24, 2014

Think Spring

It is still cold and another snow storm is predicted for tomorrow night. Longing for a taste of spring, I made a trip over to Lynch's Garden Center to feast my eyes on some greenery.
Bulb flats.  Should I?
By Fall I can never remember where the bare spots are.
If I fill in with some daffodil flats now, they'll be back next year too!
Pansies and Ranunculus.
Love these sweet pots.
One ranunculus did come home with me.
It will live in the kitchen at least for this week.
If we can just get through this snowy week.
Think warm thoughts. 
Think spring!


  1. What beautiful photos you took depicting our community's favorite garden center. They have the most helpful and friendly staff, too. Have that camera handy when your spring bulbs start peeping up; take snapshots of the empty pockets, then refer back to them when necessary.

    1. Linda, The people at Lynch's are so nice and know their plants too. They've helped me make so many wise garden decisions. Yes! I do need to take photos, which brings up something I need to do: organize my photos!

  2. Ranunculus !!!!!!Love love love..

    and yes get some easy pesy and fun is that..have never seen falts ofbulbs here..Those blue balls are spectac and there in a garden.. wow.
    Oh now I am loging for the gardens!

    1. I know... I was really liking the blue garden balls... in another life!

  3. Gail, your photos are lovely! What a wonderful nursery you have in your neighborhood. I used to live in the East Coast and I am always watching your weather. What a winter you have had! You will cherish the days of spring! Love those cute pots and all the bulbs. I just bought some ranunculus for my kitchen and they really brightened up the space. Enjoy planning your garden.

  4. Sunday, I bet you are glad to be in Cali after the winter we've had. In the "Hammies" we sometimes rush through spring to get to the summer. Thank you for the reminder to savor the spring too. I look forward to seeing what you do with your garden!


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