Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Springs Mystery Art Sale

I stopped into the Springs Mystery Art Sale on its last day.  I'm so glad that I did. What a fun and intriguing event! The sale was held to benefit the arts programs at the Springs Union Free School District . Over 1000 student and artist works were displayed and offered anonymously for sale for a mere $20. Yes, over 1000 works of art. 
A number of well known local artists participated in the sale. Chuck Close, Ross Bleckner, Janet Jennings, April Gornik and Eric Fischl to name just a few. The pre-sale buzz inspired a long line on the show's first day. Art collectors were excited by the prospect of getting a bargain, student artists were excited to have their work be viewed and collected. All in support of art education. Very cool.
opening day photo from here
The 5" x 7" pieces were displayed on boards throughout the gallery. 
So many paintings to view!
#12 one of my mystery purchases
by Vasquez Patino Esteban, grade 5
There were also a few paintings offered for silent auction.
Silent Auction watercolor by Ursula Thomas
The big reveal of who created each piece was unveiled at the closing party on Saturday night. I hope that they do this again!
Springs Mystery Art Sale on Facebook here

In the press:

The Rules of the Sale:
  • All artworks are sold for $20 each
  • Cash Only
  • Up to 5 red dots may be purchase at a time. After you have selected 5 works to purchase you may join the line to purchase more dots.
  • Red dots must be given to a staff member to mark the artwork as sold.
  • Please make a note of the artwork you purchased for your records.
  • Based on the size of the crowd viewing time in the gallery may be limited.
  • Purchased artwork must be picked up from Ashawagh Hall between 10 am - 3 pm on 4/27.
The List of artists (from here)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yellow is the Color

Yellow is the color of the moment.
The color of spring renewal.
A reminder that we are moving foreward.
Opening new doors.
Beginning again
Recoginizing so much that is beautiful and finding inspiration.
At the Springs Mystery Art Sale this weekend.
Inspiration galore.
Mystery Sale Silent Auction painting by  Cynthia Loewen

Yellow is the color that inspires today.
What inspires you?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Sightings

Marders was on the way to Bridge Gardens. 
If the statues could talk.
I managed to escape without visiting this shed.
Tate's temptations.
I had been planning to make the Easter Bark from the recipe book of La Table De Nana, but when I saw all of the creations at Tate's Bake Shop I caved. I know, weak.
Windows in Sag Harbor.
No rain, but with these jackets you would wish for it.
At St. Andrew's
Wishing you a beautiful Easter.

Back to Bridge Gardens

It was a beautiful day to be back at Bridge Gardens.
This weekend, Hugh and I attended a water color workshop with Lois Bender. The class was the last of her spring series at Bridge Gardens. Lois began with a painting demonstration. Three vases of flowers, hyacinth, daffodils and tulips. Step by step, through brush strokes and description, she led us through the process of getting paint on paper to describe the still life. After that, the advanced students who had been with her since the beginning of the series divided up the arrangements to begin their own work.
Lois kindly started us with the basics. She had us paint blocks to practice the basic techniques. Wash, graduated wash, two color wash... my favorite term was "charging in" which describes touching a loaded brush of paint onto the wet surface of the paper.
 My work area.
watercolor by Lois Bender
 Lois Bender's website for more about her work and workshops here.
Bridge Garden's website here

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blue and White

I love blue and white decor. In the breakfast nook we have blue and white fabric on the banquet. A blue and white pot from Lynch's sitting on Mom's quilted table topper compliment the scene.  I am attuned to see blue and white during my walk around Southampton.
The blue and white window at Hildreth's
Hildreth's decor
Japanese antiques at Hayama.
Blue and white trousers in CWonder
I walked into Aerin
Aerin Lauder has a book, Beauty at Home which is blue and white heaven. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Get Happy

 Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor just opened their 3rd Annual Spring Flower Show. The new show features local artists' floral inspired work in multiple mediums. Oils and watercolors, collage, pottery, blown glass and feathered head pieces are creatively displayed. Featured artists include Muriel Hanson Falborn, Arianne Emmerich, Laura Rozenberg, JoAnne Carter, Maria Orlova, Coco Pekelis, Joyce Brian, Taffi Laing, Richard Udice and Adeline Heurteu.
This Saturday was a beautiful day to explore Sag Harbor.
Inside the Gallery is a treasure trove.
The center of the room is anchored by a table of collectible books.
One wall displays an international selection of CDs.
Towards the back: art paper, cards, travel journals and sketchbooks. The gallery carries jewelry and many other gift items. Their collection of vintage postcards and letters fascinated me. I found a card commemorating an April 21, 1923 voyage from New York to Southampton via Cherbourg on the RMS Majestic of the White Star Line complete with remarks on weather conditions and "Kathleen's first trip" written in pencil. A vintage photo postcard of two women in a garden and a drawing room scene with a couple playing piano and violin were interesting finds. All this and lovely art to see!
Sunflower2 by Arianne Emmerich
Flowers by Coco Pekelis
Paintings and art glass intermixed.
Royal Woman by Muriel Hanson Falborn
The Garden of Diana Bellisi 1 by Laura Rozenberg
L'Evasion by Adeline Heurteau
Shirley Poppies by JoAnne Carter
Paintings by Joyce Brian
Earth Goddess Headdress by Taffi Laing
Sagaponack Hydrangeas by Richard Udice
As I was purchasing my antique postcard discoveries a recording by Pink Martini dispayed at the cash register caught my eye. Balloons on the CD cover, it was titled: Get Happy - and I was.
Go here to watch Pink Martini's Get Happy New York video.

Go to the Romany Kramoris Gallery website here 
Like them on Facebook here