Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back to Bridge Gardens

It was a beautiful day to be back at Bridge Gardens.
This weekend, Hugh and I attended a water color workshop with Lois Bender. The class was the last of her spring series at Bridge Gardens. Lois began with a painting demonstration. Three vases of flowers, hyacinth, daffodils and tulips. Step by step, through brush strokes and description, she led us through the process of getting paint on paper to describe the still life. After that, the advanced students who had been with her since the beginning of the series divided up the arrangements to begin their own work.
Lois kindly started us with the basics. She had us paint blocks to practice the basic techniques. Wash, graduated wash, two color wash... my favorite term was "charging in" which describes touching a loaded brush of paint onto the wet surface of the paper.
 My work area.
watercolor by Lois Bender
 Lois Bender's website for more about her work and workshops here.
Bridge Garden's website here


  1. You lucky duck:)s..I like the idea of blocks..and learning different techniques..
    The place is idyllic..and it was fun to see your work station..
    I find beaches hard to obviously don't:)
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday..

    Love nurseries and all they have to offer..

  2. Gorgeous post Gail!!
    I think I lifted from you via Lois
    Wish I'd been there too.


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