Friday, April 18, 2014

Blue and White

I love blue and white decor. In the breakfast nook we have blue and white fabric on the banquet. A blue and white pot from Lynch's sitting on Mom's quilted table topper compliment the scene.  I am attuned to see blue and white during my walk around Southampton.
The blue and white window at Hildreth's
Hildreth's decor
Japanese antiques at Hayama.
Blue and white trousers in CWonder
I walked into Aerin
Aerin Lauder has a book, Beauty at Home which is blue and white heaven. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I was a realtor for almost 30 yrs..I love nooks in a kitchen and if ever we build again..I would love a built-in seating area..I love them and love your blue and white..a fern is great in it isn't it?
    You have such a pretty town Gail..Speaking of pretty..
    Aerin Lauder..Going to peek..
    Have a wonderful day.


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