Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bridge Gardens

Hiding in plain sight in the midst of Bridghampton is a 5 acre parcel of land owned by the Peconic Land Trust called Bridge Gardens.
Bridge Gardens opened this weekend for the 2014 season.
The property was donated to the Peconic Land Trust in 2008.
Sculptural wisteria
Goldfish screened from prying beaks and paws.
The education center is also the residence of master gardener, Rick Bogusch. History of the potato barn-styled structure can be found here.
The inner garden features culinary, medicinal, ornamental and textile dyeing herbs.
Much of the garden still sleeps.
The lack of abundance reveals the simple beauty of the garden's design.
Daffodils and Crocus hint at more to come.
On the weekends classes and lectures are held.
Currently their Sunday series features local food and beverage artisans. Fruits of the Sea is the last of the series on Sunday April 27th at 2:00. To make a reservation email
Master gardener Rick Bogusch's laboratory.
Paintings by Plein Air Peconic.
Fall Bouquet by Aubrey Grainger
oil on canvas 10" x 10"
Bridge Gardens October by Susan D'Allesio
oil on linen 12" x 16"
The lecture/gallery wing is a lovely well lit area looking out to the beautiful landscape. After I got home and began reading the Garden's brochures I realized that it is the master gardener's home as well.  Thank you Rick for your under appreciated hospitality. 
Lois Bender will be teaching a watercolor class at Bridge Gardens on Saturday April 12th and 19th beginning at 1:00. Registration is via here
30" w x 22" h Watercolor by Lois Bender
Private Garden, Montauk, Long Island, 15" w x 10" h - Watercolor
by Lois Bender
Sedum, commonly known as Stonecrops, appropos the stone planter.
The Hornbeam hedge. 
I can't wait to see it in its summer glory.
Bridge Garden is now open on Saturdays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and on Sundays from Noon to 4 pm. Beginning Memorial Day, the gardens will also be open on Wednesdays and Thursday's from Noon to 5 pm and on Fridays from Noon until Dusk. Check the website for a calendar of special events or plan a special event of your own. 
Follow Bridge Gardens on Facebook here.
Recent article about Bridge Gardens: 27East 
A must do if you love a pretty garden!


  1. How interesting even when the gardens are still at rest.I think I'd love did have a gracious host!
    I never thought of Sedum in a planter!

    1. The property seemed much bigger than 5 acres. The brochure said that there is a hidden room amidst the bamboo. I can't wait to explore further!

  2. Looks like a lovely spot! Hope you'll be posting more photos of it as the seasons unfold!

    1. They have a huge rose garden that I'm looking forward to seeing In bloom!

  3. Bridge Garden sounds like a wonderful resource for inspiration. How lucky you are to have it. I was in Bridgehampton a couple of years ago for a wedding. What a beautiful part of the world!

    1. Bridge Garden would be a lovely spot for a small wedding. It was exciting to find a gem like this so close that I had never been to before.

  4. Wow, Gail! Thanks for sharing this treasure of a place. :-)

    1. Definitely put it on your "to do" list!


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