Sunday, April 13, 2014

Get Happy

 Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor just opened their 3rd Annual Spring Flower Show. The new show features local artists' floral inspired work in multiple mediums. Oils and watercolors, collage, pottery, blown glass and feathered head pieces are creatively displayed. Featured artists include Muriel Hanson Falborn, Arianne Emmerich, Laura Rozenberg, JoAnne Carter, Maria Orlova, Coco Pekelis, Joyce Brian, Taffi Laing, Richard Udice and Adeline Heurteu.
This Saturday was a beautiful day to explore Sag Harbor.
Inside the Gallery is a treasure trove.
The center of the room is anchored by a table of collectible books.
One wall displays an international selection of CDs.
Towards the back: art paper, cards, travel journals and sketchbooks. The gallery carries jewelry and many other gift items. Their collection of vintage postcards and letters fascinated me. I found a card commemorating an April 21, 1923 voyage from New York to Southampton via Cherbourg on the RMS Majestic of the White Star Line complete with remarks on weather conditions and "Kathleen's first trip" written in pencil. A vintage photo postcard of two women in a garden and a drawing room scene with a couple playing piano and violin were interesting finds. All this and lovely art to see!
Sunflower2 by Arianne Emmerich
Flowers by Coco Pekelis
Paintings and art glass intermixed.
Royal Woman by Muriel Hanson Falborn
The Garden of Diana Bellisi 1 by Laura Rozenberg
L'Evasion by Adeline Heurteau
Shirley Poppies by JoAnne Carter
Paintings by Joyce Brian
Earth Goddess Headdress by Taffi Laing
Sagaponack Hydrangeas by Richard Udice
As I was purchasing my antique postcard discoveries a recording by Pink Martini dispayed at the cash register caught my eye. Balloons on the CD cover, it was titled: Get Happy - and I was.
Go here to watch Pink Martini's Get Happy New York video.

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  1. Gorgeous gallery, Gail! I'd love to wander through, so much to look at!
    Val xx

  2. I have to find out a bit more about Pink Martini:) Loved the video..What photo ops in NYC with all those balloons..!
    You know for a few yrs..we had a book/art/cd store that is almost identical to your was called Temps perdu and I cannot help but see the obvious large open older space..right in our small town..
    Sadly it closed..
    not enough people here..

    You seem to have found some lovely items..
    Glorious day for your visit.

    1. I listen to the Pink Martini chanel on Pandora radio, and had forgotten how nice it is to listen to entire recording by them, in the order that they meant you to hear it. I love China Forbes voice. Def. give them a listen.

  3. Just beautiful! Sounds like it was one of those wonderful days, a case of spring fever. Love this gallery!

  4. I couldn't believe it when the young woman with balloons walked into my field of view - then when I saw the cd - serendipity.


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