Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yellow is the Color

Yellow is the color of the moment.
The color of spring renewal.
A reminder that we are moving foreward.
Opening new doors.
Beginning again
Recoginizing so much that is beautiful and finding inspiration.
At the Springs Mystery Art Sale this weekend.
Inspiration galore.
Mystery Sale Silent Auction painting by  Cynthia Loewen

Yellow is the color that inspires today.
What inspires you?


  1. Gail,you're way ahead of us with your yellows..they are beautiful and I cannot wait..Love the movement in the painting at the bottom..the bushes look so alive..
    Spring is indeed such a pretty pretty season.

    1. A house near me has banks of the yellow forsythia, just breathtaking.

  2. It's lovely when our gardens don't have certain things and we can admire them elsewhere..preferably close by..short a walk away~

  3. I love spring and just returned from New York where the city was in bloom. It was so inspiring. The color that stood out for me was pink. Especially on the trees. Love the yellows you featured on this post!

    1. I love the photos that you have up of your trip so far! We will have the pinks in the coming weeks out East. NYC is usually a week or so further along in the season. I can't wait to see the azalea in bloom again.


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