Sunday, May 25, 2014

Floral Art at Madoo

On May 24th the Madoo Conservancy hosted Farm to Vase: Blooming Spring Beauties - a flower design course let by Anastasia Casale much admired floral artist and owner of Sag Harbor Florist.
The workshop was held outside in the studio garden.
A row of containers filled with plant material extended the length of a burlap covered table. Each student's place had a garden shears and vase. Anastasia brought all of the plant material fresh from her farm on the North fork. I was excited to create bouquets with the freshest seasonal flowers available. Anastasia gave a brief introduction and then we were let loose on the row of flower buckets - with one warning, "There are only three peonies per person!" 
Our first lesson was to gather flowers in our hand to fit a small vase. Anastasia advised us to turn the bouquet as we added each flower to achieve a balanced look. The students dove into the buckets of flowers with abandon. Sweet pea, hellebore, mock orange, boronia, viburnum, peony, bleeding heart, Hungarian lilac, and some wood hyacynth clipped from the garden behind us. Ferns, mint, rosemary and hosta leaves were available to accent to our arrangements. 
My bouquet has sweet pea, lilac, mock orange, hellibore and mint.
For our second arrangement, Anastasia taught us how to create a grid across the top of a container with florist tape to enable the blooms to stand upright in a wider vase. We were left to pillage the containers to our hearts desire. There was not a flower left by the end of the class.
Anastasia Casale has two more workshops scheduled at Madoo.
Farm to Vase: Woodland Wonders on July 5
Farm to Vase: Summer's End on October 12
More about Sag Harbor Florist here:
After the class I took a walk around the beautiful property.
The many meandering pathways make the two acre property seem much larger.
Each path takes you to a beautiful view.
Or a unique garden ornament.
We lost Robert Dash, Madoo's founder and creator this past fall. 
A memorial service was also held this weekend. 
His garden is a beautiful legacy.
The roses will cover this arbor by summer's end.
The hornbeam arch
More about Madoo here:

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Spring Visit to Water Mill

This weekend I visited Water Mill ostensibly to see the flowering trees at Villa Maria but ended up at Prince of Scots. On my last visit, I was impressed by owners, Tim Danser and David Campana's unique selection of lifestyle goods. Each item meticulously researched and curated.

Upon entering, I am surrounded by the work of artist and designer Gail Toma. Toma lives in Southampton and her pieces are currently carried exclusively by Prince of Scots. The brightly colored pillows from her home collection immediately caught my eye. 
Gail Toma
photo from here
Toma's watercolor designs translate into gorgeous silk scarves, wraps and clothing. I didn't think that I was an ostrich feather person, until now. See here and here for more information about the collection.
Ottoman and pillow from Gail Toma home collection.
Prince of Scots offers Scottish lace produced by the only original Nottingham Lace Looms left in the world. The nearly 100 year old looms are operated by craftsmen using skills passed down from generation to generation. This high quality lace was used for authenticity in the movie Lincoln and is also being used in Disney's latest Malificent.  MYB textiles is just one of carefully curated brands offered here for home decorating needs. Prince of Scots will assist in creating the timeless elegance that accompanies the use of these classic textiles in your own home. 
Photo from here
I bought Hugh some corgis.
Home accessories and fine art by Ioana Crawford are also available. 
Crawford is a shooting star in the firmanent of UK design.
Iona Crawford
photo from here
Mirren by Iona Crawford
Watercolor and acrylic
20.5" x 25"
House Guest gift possibilities?
This bedding by Etro proclaimed spring.
Prince of Scots is open year round.
Prince of Scots
700 Montauk Highway
Water Mill, NY 11976
website here
Follow them on Facebook here
Across the street, the entrance to Villa Maria is carpeted with flower petals.
I'll be back again.... soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flying Point Update

 I visited Flying Point Beach on Saturday morning. The air was chilly and fog was rolling in from the sea. I could hear the surf, but couldn't see it. It wasn't just the fog. The beach is back! Hurrah for the beach replenishment program. The difference is amazing!
I went back on Sunday for another look.
 Get ready for summer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Vintage Water Mill

Clothing from the shop Out of the Closet was featured in the recent show Downton Abbey Style in Southampton at the Southampton Historical Museum.  I had never heard of them. I visited this weekend.
Browsing is not for the faint of heart.
They have inventory.
Lots of inventory.
But if you are an aficionado, you are sure to be surprised.
Upon entering I was drawn to a rack of white.
An impressionist painters dream.
An Afternoon Stroll by William Merritt Chase

Summer dresses of linen and cotton.
So many beautiful details.
Opportunities to address my inner Flapper were also in evidence.
Marion Morehouse in Chanel Crepe Romain Flapper Dress - 1926 from Pintrest
Imagine dancing in one of these on a moonlit night.
Some bling to go with your Flapper dress?
Emilio Pucci seems so right for summer.
1972: Princess Grace of Monaco taking a photograph at a swimming competition at Palm Beach, Monte Carlo. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Lucille "Lucy" Martin and Ruth Von Witenberg Chernaik are the proprietors of this fabulous Vintage clothing store. They are also well known for Vintage restoration, repairs and custom tailoring.  They carry garments from the Victorian Era through the 1970s. While visiting, Ruth was busy sewing and Lucy was making suggestions to a slip of a girl who had her arms full of found treasures. A collection of garments chosen by Lucy were awaiting a regular client. Famous stylist?
If you love Vintage, keep your eyes peeled for this sign.
They are in the row of shops across from Water Mill's Windmill.
This beauty came home with me.
Out of the Closet
"Fabulous Vintage" 
720 Montauk Hwy
P.O. Box 613
Watermill, NY 11976
click here for more