Monday, May 19, 2014

A Spring Visit to Water Mill

This weekend I visited Water Mill ostensibly to see the flowering trees at Villa Maria but ended up at Prince of Scots. On my last visit, I was impressed by owners, Tim Danser and David Campana's unique selection of lifestyle goods. Each item meticulously researched and curated.

Upon entering, I am surrounded by the work of artist and designer Gail Toma. Toma lives in Southampton and her pieces are currently carried exclusively by Prince of Scots. The brightly colored pillows from her home collection immediately caught my eye. 
Gail Toma
photo from here
Toma's watercolor designs translate into gorgeous silk scarves, wraps and clothing. I didn't think that I was an ostrich feather person, until now. See here and here for more information about the collection.
Ottoman and pillow from Gail Toma home collection.
Prince of Scots offers Scottish lace produced by the only original Nottingham Lace Looms left in the world. The nearly 100 year old looms are operated by craftsmen using skills passed down from generation to generation. This high quality lace was used for authenticity in the movie Lincoln and is also being used in Disney's latest Malificent.  MYB textiles is just one of carefully curated brands offered here for home decorating needs. Prince of Scots will assist in creating the timeless elegance that accompanies the use of these classic textiles in your own home. 
Photo from here
I bought Hugh some corgis.
Home accessories and fine art by Ioana Crawford are also available. 
Crawford is a shooting star in the firmanent of UK design.
Iona Crawford
photo from here
Mirren by Iona Crawford
Watercolor and acrylic
20.5" x 25"
House Guest gift possibilities?
This bedding by Etro proclaimed spring.
Prince of Scots is open year round.
Prince of Scots
700 Montauk Highway
Water Mill, NY 11976
website here
Follow them on Facebook here
Across the street, the entrance to Villa Maria is carpeted with flower petals.
I'll be back again.... soon.


  1. The flower petals are so lovely. The store you mention looks wonderful. I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful lace items. You have many treasures in your part of the world!

    1. The first time I visited the store I was expecting Pringles sweaters. I was pleasantly surprised by their unusual high quality selections. Not a cookie cutter shop. They are on a quiet part of Montauk Hwy. I think it was a tough winter for the year round stores. Hopefully they will have a busy summer ahead!

  2. Full of color and creativity..Both women are so well as their art..Love the hibiscus pillow..The mason beaker is so cute too..
    my mom went to Villa Maria school in Montreal..a name I have always loved..
    Our trees are breathtaking now too Gail..
    Thanks for taking me shopping and sightseeing!

  3. Villa Maria only recently became a peri ate residence again... And it is for sale. It was a convent for years. It is along the stream that comes from the Water Mill and flows to Mecox Bay and the ocean. A beautiful historic spot. I liked those clever mason jar cocktail shakers. A gift that doesn't break the bank if your going to a BBQ and need a hostess gift (besides the bottle that goes with it). I'm so glad spring is unfurling for you. I look forward to seeing your photos.


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