Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flying Point Update

 I visited Flying Point Beach on Saturday morning. The air was chilly and fog was rolling in from the sea. I could hear the surf, but couldn't see it. It wasn't just the fog. The beach is back! Hurrah for the beach replenishment program. The difference is amazing!
I went back on Sunday for another look.
 Get ready for summer.


  1. I adore beach pics Gail and yours are glorious.
    I'd love a walk on a beach way off season..
    The fencing is always beautiful to me.
    Dreaming now..

  2. The walkers were out enjoying it on Mother's Day. I was amazed how much sand replenishment was done. Amazing.

  3. I witnessed a replenishment in Florida..quite a few years ago..a beach we frequented..I agree amazing!


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