Sunday, May 4, 2014

Topiaire Flower Shop

Topiaire Flower Shop is the most beautiful shop on Jobs Lane.  Erin Hattrick Meaney's Southampton studio is gloriously decorated year round and always full of treats, temptations and some say, neccessities.
A great place to find a gift for that special person.
Flowers, candles, soaps and accessories.
Beautiful vases and vessels.
Sweet signage.
They will also help plan your special event.
Artist and instructor Lois Bender was inspired by the shop.
Topiaire Flower Shop by Lois Bender
17" x 13" image from here
This beautiful vignette inspires a painting.
After the seemingly forever winter, a sight for sore eyes.
In the courtyard behind the flower shop.
Topiaire Candy Shop.
Real candy to accompany the eye candy.
Topiaire Flower Shop
Erin Hattrick Meaney
51 Jobs Lane
Southampton NY 11968
website here
facebook here
Interview with Erin Hattick Meaney and more great photos at KDHamptons here


  1. it is a beautiful shop

  2. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous shop. Great job, Gail.

  3. What a beautiful shop! I could spend a lot of time there. Your photos are fabulous!

  4. Oh I love that shop..and the art work of it too..
    You have one of the prettiest towns Gail..
    (Just don't understand why your posts don't come to me automatically..I look forward to them!)..

  5. I am always snapping photos of the front of this shop, it is so pretty. As I left Topiaire last weekend there was a couple out front. The pretty girl with her beaux said, "Just a minute, I need to take a photo" and she did. If I was too shy, or I would have taken their photo as well!


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