Monday, May 12, 2014

Vintage Water Mill

Clothing from the shop Out of the Closet was featured in the recent show Downton Abbey Style in Southampton at the Southampton Historical Museum.  I had never heard of them. I visited this weekend.
Browsing is not for the faint of heart.
They have inventory.
Lots of inventory.
But if you are an aficionado, you are sure to be surprised.
Upon entering I was drawn to a rack of white.
An impressionist painters dream.
An Afternoon Stroll by William Merritt Chase

Summer dresses of linen and cotton.
So many beautiful details.
Opportunities to address my inner Flapper were also in evidence.
Marion Morehouse in Chanel Crepe Romain Flapper Dress - 1926 from Pintrest
Imagine dancing in one of these on a moonlit night.
Some bling to go with your Flapper dress?
Emilio Pucci seems so right for summer.
1972: Princess Grace of Monaco taking a photograph at a swimming competition at Palm Beach, Monte Carlo. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Lucille "Lucy" Martin and Ruth Von Witenberg Chernaik are the proprietors of this fabulous Vintage clothing store. They are also well known for Vintage restoration, repairs and custom tailoring.  They carry garments from the Victorian Era through the 1970s. While visiting, Ruth was busy sewing and Lucy was making suggestions to a slip of a girl who had her arms full of found treasures. A collection of garments chosen by Lucy were awaiting a regular client. Famous stylist?
If you love Vintage, keep your eyes peeled for this sign.
They are in the row of shops across from Water Mill's Windmill.
This beauty came home with me.
Out of the Closet
"Fabulous Vintage" 
720 Montauk Hwy
P.O. Box 613
Watermill, NY 11976
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  1. How fun! Love those vintage items. Especially the Pucci. You made a great choice!

    1. I'm a hopeless impulse shopper... thanks Sunday!

  2. I love the shots you took..perfect vignettes..
    And the windmill..good for you for coming home with something..!
    You love would suit you perfectly!

  3. Beautiful shop, Gail. Love your photos.


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