Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art and Roses in Southampton

On Saturday morning, while running errands I noticed a sign in front of the Rogers Memorial Library announcing that the Southampton Rose Society was having a show. I turned in to have a look.
I stuck my head into the room where the roses were on display, but got a disaproving look from one of the judges.  They were still reviewing the contestants and the show wasn't open to the public for another two hours. Rats. It was pure serendipity that I discovered paintings by the Southampton Artists Association on display in the entrance gallery.
A few of the works below. Stop by the library to see them all.
Perfect Day by Linda Capello
 Jobs Lane and Main St. by Jean Mahoney
Pavilion in the Dunes by Pamela Thomson
Optical Turrets Dark #11 by Fred Brandes
A Hampton Classic by Michele Murray
Yesterday or Today by Aura Levitas
A Fisherman's Shack by Joseph Citrone
To Read or Not to Read by Pam Vossen
Driftwood by Susanne Corbelletta
Summertime by Jo-Ann Corretti
Ice on Sand by Helen Giaquinto
Barn Scene by Dom Lamontanaro
Fruit by the Sea by Maureen Travers
We are so fortunate to have great library facilities in the Hamptons. Rogers Memorial Library was founded in 1893 and has been an important supporter of the educational and cultural needs of the community ever since. Check out their events calendar here
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The Southampton Rose Society designed and maintains a rose garden on the library grounds. Read Portrait of a Rose Garden by Adeline Christie here for the story of the garden's creation. I didn't get to view the Rose Society's member event, but I did get to see their contribution to the community, a beautiful public garden. 
It was looking and smelling spectacular.
Some of the best adventures are unplanned ones.


  1. A beautiful rose garden, Gail. Love the paintings, such talent in Southampton!
    Val x

  2. What a spot!!
    Love the roses and the art..
    The first is my favorite:)

  3. I admit "a perfect day" really caught my eye also. I wish I could have added the smell of the garden too. The aroma was incredible.

  4. How beautiful. I would love to visit that rose garden. You are so lucky to have that wonderful library in Southhampton that supports the arts. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I have only visited once, but want to come back some day. I so enjoy seeing all the treasures you show us on your blog!


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