Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gail Toma - Artist in Our Midst

I met Gail Toma purely by chance while visiting Prince of Scots in Water Mill. Prince of Scots is the place to go for Gail Toma scarves, art prints and home furnishings in the Hamptons. 
I had to smile when co-owner Tim Danser said, "Gail meet GAIL!" She graciously took the time to show me her collection, piece by piece, complete with style and scarf wearing tips.
We clicked as two "Gails" should. Of course I asked to visit her studio.
Gail Toma is an artist, designer, educator and author. Her book Strategic Planning for Designers is curiculum material for students entering the design field.  Her own creative process is inspired by the beauty of life around her in the Hamptons and abroad. Nature and the sea inspires her. Above the hearth of her Southampton living room is a painting inspired by a regatta at the Port Washington Yacht Club.
Stormy by Gail Toma
Gail's home is filled with colorful accents of her own design.
Montauk oysters inspired the print on her dining area chairs.
Gail wears one of her scarves belted with a pair of skinny jeans. The blouse is also one of her designs.
Transparency limited edition print by Gail Toma
One of a series of bathing beauties by Gail Toma
Vintage fashion and old school glamour also inspire.
A trip to Italy inspired Gail's Hibiscus design.
Hibiscus began as a watercolor of a Positano hilltop garden.
After numerous watercolor sketches, Gail arrives at the hibiscus theme. She digitizes each design layout manually.
Hibiscus curtains.
Hibiscus limited edition print
Gail Toma in her studio.
Silk and suede ideas for pillows.
Large scale designs for home furnishings.
The skylit studio opens to the summer breezes.
In the kitchen, a beautiful repast.
Thank you Gail for an inspiring visit to your studio and home.
Gail Toma's work is available at:
Gail Toma website
Prince of Scots here
on Amazon here


  1. Talented..beautiful..and nice..I can tell:)
    What fun for the 2 Gails:)


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