Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plein Air Noyack Creek-Clam Island

The long awaited summer has arrived. Plein air painting perfection.
Hugh discovered a beautiful spot.
An ideal place to harbor a sailboat or launch a kayak.
A perfect spot for two easels.
The clouds were gorgeous. After a rough sketch, that's where I began.
While we were painting we observed a paddle board launch near a family of mallards. A married couple navigated Noyack Creek. It wasn't an easy sail. Sound carries well over water. They earned their lunch!
If painting isn't your thing there are opportunities nearby for kayak and paddle board rental. Sag Harbor Sailing is one spot and there is also a kayak rental in the marina behind the Bell and Anchor restaurant. It is so wonderful just to get out there and enjoy. A great day!


  1. What a great spot and day..
    I love your plein air set ups..what fun to be able to share this passion between yourselves..
    Wonderful work!

  2. Gail, I so enjoy hearing about your painting. What a wonderful way to enjoy your surroundings. Your painting really captures the scene and is so beautiful!

  3. Thank you! It was such a wonderful afternoon. I took a larger canvas than usual (14" x 18") Hugh looked at me and said "very bold!" -- I think it forced me to loosen up rather than over "noodling"- The sailors coming in and the paddle boarder going out were the cherry on the sundae.


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