Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At the Seaside

At the Seaside by William Merritt Chase c.1892
oil on canvas 20" x 30" 
Metropolitan Museum of Art
photo from here
William Merritt Chase, Mary Content Chase and Roland Dana Chase
c. 1905, Cyanotype 2 1/4" x 1 3/8"
Parrish Art Museum via here
I was paging through a few art books and the painting At the Seaside by William Merritt Chase caught my eye. It really evokes the feeling of a breezy summer day at the beach. The red umbrella especially caught my eye. In the book William Merritt Chase by Barbara Gallati there is a photo from the Parrish Museum's Chase Archives of Chase and two of his daughters with the umbrella over his shoulder.
closer look 
In the June 27-July 3rd issue of Hamptons Magazine there is an interiview by Sue Hostetler titled "Women in the Arts" with Curator Terrie Sultan, art collector and philanthropist Beth Rudin Dewoody and artist April Gornik. Terry Sultan mentions that the Parrish is getting ready to publish a book of their Chase holdings including photos now attributed to his wife Alice (Gerson) Chase. I've found a number of these photos on the Parrish web site under East End Stories, but it will be supurb to see them in print along with Chase's paintings. Can't wait!
The Southampton bathing corp. beach doing its best to look Chase-like.


  1. Love that painting by Chase. You are right that it evokes the sense of being at the sea shore. Just beautiful! Would love to see a book on these paintings!

  2. The sheer size of the umbrellas back then were astounding. Lovely paintings and great blog!


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