Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blueberries from the Yard

I was excited to have fresh from home blueberries with my yogurt and granola. We have blueberry bushes at the edge of the yard, but I don't put net on them so its a free for all. I noticed that the birds left a few ripe ones hiding beneath a picked over branch. The berries ripen at different times, something I never thought about while buying a pint of them at the store. The birds keep a pretty good eye out for the ripe ones, so I was happy and delighted to have a few for my own breakfast. The quilt in the photo above was made by Mom. Isn't it lovely?
If you have more than my handful of blueberries, go to La Table De Nana for this recipe. There are always delicious ideas and lovely photos. When you read her blog you wish she were your next door neighbor. So charming. Thanks for all of your inspiration Monique!


  1. What a treat to grow your own blueberries. That's a delicious-sounding recipe and a lovely blog. I made lemon muffins yesterday - if only I'd had a handful of your blueberries to add to it!

  2. You are so nice Gail.Really.
    I like that you are happy about having your own blueberries..I certainly don't get loads yet...but enough for that happy feeling you got..
    The quilt your mom made is exquisite and how perfect with the vignette.
    Like a Country Living magazine photo.


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