Friday, August 8, 2014

Plein Air Short Beach

Long Beach in Sag Harbor merges into a stretch of sand called Short Beach. There is often a picturesque sailboat anchored on the sand. 
Beautiful views in every direction.
9" x 12" oil on canvas panel by Gail Gallagher
9 " x 12" oil on canvas panel by Hugh Gallagher
Painting outdoors is a paradox. Beauty and angst coincide. When I began my painting I chose a slightly higher ground in the beach grass to get a view that I admired. Leaving the breezy area along the water left me victim to a host of sand flies that were biting the entire time that I was painting. I sketched out my painting idea in a little notebook that I carry in my travel easel. It looked good, but as I painted I realized that I had a convergence of a number of elements that would make it look too busy. Thankfully the tide went out and solved that issue.  The entire painting session was a problem solving excercise. When I got everything home it occured to me. "I am the artist. I can paint it however I want!" Another idea to explore further!
I found a few interpretations of this scene by local painters.
Paul's Boat by Anita Kusick
oil on linen 10" x 12"
image via
Long Beach by James Daga Albinson
oil 10" x 17" 2009
image via
July by Ben Fenske
oil 31.5" x 40" 2009
image via
Ben Fenske has a show at Grenning Gallery opening this weekend.


  1. So right, Gail, you can paint it anyway you want! You and Hugh are getting so good - which one will get hung?

    1. Thanks Val! We actually don't have any of our paintings up. The paintings on our walls are those we've collected by our friends.

  2. You two are so in harmony.
    I don't think I have read of another plein air couple.
    How fortunate you both share this creative venue.
    And you did it both so well!
    What a spot..wonder who owns the boat?
    Must have been SO uncomfortable painting while being bitten.
    You should hang your work's your history.

  3. Hugh has done a few recent paintings that I really admire, I may have to request they be hung up at home. Mine... I tend to look at them and nitpick at first, but later on its like someone else has painted them. I do love our painting adventures. Thanks Monique!


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