Monday, September 1, 2014

Plein Air Secret Beach

The painting location is familiar, but ever variable. Weather and light change. Ships enter and depart from the scene. The tide ebbs and flows. Today there are unexpected swans.
Hugh is the swan whisperer.  
He calls the pair onto the beach just like you would call your pet pooch.
When they realize we have no treats for them they depart.
oil 9" x 12" by Gail Gallagher
oil 9" x 12" by Hugh Gallagher


  1. So totally perplexed as to why I don' t get alerts when you post..
    I would have missed all this had I not come by..
    Swans and The Notebook..the Ugly Duckling..I love swans.
    And your two works of art and the water and all that blue!!

  2. M! Thanks for stopping by. I don't know what is up w/the email subscriptions. I've taken your wise advice and use Bloglovin to keep up with faves. The swans were so funny.

  3. Such a lovely spot and look how you captured it on canvas. Just beautiful!


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