Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Return to Short Beach

It was a gorgeous day with a sky full of paintable clouds. We packed up the easels and revisted Short Beach.  Hugh had been dreaming of a painting of a particular view there. It was sketched out and ready to commit to canvas. I hoped to describe the beautiful view with paint.
When I set up my easel, I was between Hugh and the water line. While painting the tide came in and I started getting wet. Learning!
I chose the eminently paintable sailboat.

oil 9" x 12" by Gail Gallagher

oil 10"x 20" by Hugh Gallagher
Such a lovely day.


  1. Love seeing what you and Hugh paint together! Lovely!

  2. I love your set up..looks like heaven your painting days.Both are lovely..Love your husband's stance there:)
    Where are those easels from Gail?May I ask?
    Well I asked:) What a funny question..
    Does it come w/ the box etc..looks quite transportable..
    Do you stay long at the beach?

    1. The easels are Soltek
      I like how compact they are. When it is all folded up it fits in my old Hartmaan carry on suitcase, so I can take it on painting vacations. One drawback though, sand gets in the telescoping legs and they get jammed. The French easels don't jam like the Soltek but are bulkier. We usually paint for 2-3 hours.


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