Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Drifts Away on the Fog

More beach exploring in East Hampton.
Homes along Egypt Beach, above, a smudge on the horizon.
We continued along Further Lane looking for roads towards the ocean.
Two Mile Hollow Beach.
A lone surfer.
Another potential plein air painting spot.
In downtown East Hampton, we stopped by Wallace Gallery. Terry Wallace always has something beautiful on display. One painting that caught my eye was this painting by Caroline Stehlin, a student of William Merritt Chase, Henry Twachtman and Charles Woodbury.
The Orchard, Southampton, 1899 by Caroline Stehlin (1877-1928)
oil on canvas 13" x 20"
Wallace Gallery had a previous show of her works.
I will have to go back and ask Terry if he has more of Stehlin's work.
by Caroline Stehlin 1910
oil on canvas 13" x 20"
image via
I found the painting above on the web.
Another gem.


  1. Even as blurs those homes look wonderful ..Gail that's a great shot of the surfer.. can just tell..

  2. The foggy and misty houses are a painting waiting to happen ..Beutiful photo

  3. Just beautiful Gail. I can see why artists were drawn to this beautiful area. We just got back from a trip to the English countryside and everywhere I looked seemed to be the perfect subject for a painting. I was so inspired! Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the world with us!

  4. Thank you Sunday! I look forward to reading about your trip to England on your blog,


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