Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkins for Jimmy

Just google "jimmy fallon truck pumpkin" and you will find numerous web posts and images of Hampton's resident and host of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon's search for a truck that he can "haul pumpkins in".  A contest on the show, Fingers on a 4X4, was the fun and hilarious contest that Fallon held to choose his truck. I looked for the truck, blue on top khaki on the bottom, at Hank's Pumpkintown.
This is THE place for pumpkins.
The +Jimmy Fallon Twitter feed is lit up.
Fans want to see the pumpkins.
 Did you visit Hanks this weekend?
Hank's was mobbed. 
A famous television host COULD have been incognito there.
Pumpkins, apple picking, corn maze, hay rides... 
Children were having a blast.
Hank's Pumpkintown website here
Go here for the Tonight Show

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  1. What gorgeous pics!
    Don' t laugh..I know who Jimmy Fallon is..loved the clip of him and Bradley Cooper laughing..they even made me smile..
    My daughters love him..but ..I didn' t know he was The Tonight Show!
    I think my fave pic is number 8.
    I should ask Jacques to PVR the show for me!


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