Sunday, November 2, 2014

Abandoned at Flying Point

There is a cemetery on Flying Point Road on the way to the beach.
The graves are conscientiously tended.
It is easy to miss the abandoned house next door.
I did some research on this intriguing house previously here
A branch of the Sayre family was said to reside there.
A long time resident that I spoke with recalled that the home was shipped from Sears Roebuck via the Long Island railroad. Looking through the Sears Home archives brought me to the conclusion that the home could be the Lexington model available from 1927 - 1932. 
The Princeton from a 1923 Sears catalogue, is also very similar. I guess I'll never know for sure as I am unlikely to be stepping inside to review the floor plan. My curiosity does have limits.
Climbing bittersweet has taken over.
Coincidentally, I was having dinner with friends and mentioned the "haunted" house on Flying Point Road. They confessed that they had snuck into the house 20 something years ago while looking for a home in the area. They had crept in and had a look around. Back then, the interior was still beautiful and in its original arts and crafts style. They contacted the town clerk, who for a small fee gave them the name and number of the property owner. The home was not for sale. 

Lexington entry way via
Railing from a Sears Home via
This version of the Lexington via

A mysterious ruin quietly disintegrating.
The original residents in eternal repose.


  1. The original owner/tombstone..what an interesting find that home..The previous home we lived in was very Lexington..still lived in by the next families..

    Interesting interesting!!

  2. Hi, that house at Flying Point is not a Sears Lexington. Neither is the brick one, wherever that house is located.

    I was looking for a haunted Sears house and was hopeful this was the one! I like your spooky photos... too bad for that poor house.

    Sears Homes of Chicagoland

  3. Lara, Thanks for your comment! It sure looked like one. An older local resident remembers when it came in on the train and was assembled, so it IS someone's prefab home.


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