Sunday, November 30, 2014

East Hampton Historical Society House and Garden Tour

This weekend the East Hampton Historical Society held its House and Garden tour fund raiser. Yes, this weekend, not in the midst of summer when the crowds (read: riff raff) are here. The first house we visited, completed in 1921, was on Egypt Lane within walking distance of the Maidstone Club. Photography was prohibited. Photography wouldn't have done the tour justice. This was something special. A must see. 
There was a cocktail party at The Maidstone Club.

There are countless house tours offered for charitable causes, but this was the first that I felt gave an intimate glimpse into the lives of its residents. One of the homes was for sale, but otherwise the others were voluntarily offered up to the Historical Society for its fund raiser. Of course, each home was spit spot. One was the reveal of a recent renovation and redecoration. I'm sure much was tucked away, but the collection of personal items that were on view were lovely. I gasped in awed surprise while noticing a painting by a favorite artist usually only seen at the Parrish Museum. Thank you for letting me visit your home!
While in East Hampton, we swung by Main Beach.
Just behind the dunes at Main Beach are a string of homes known as the Sea Spray Cottages. They were originally part of an Inn and are now owned by the town of East Hampton and leased from mid May through mid September. The cottages are basic, but the location is prime.


  1. We have a few of
    I love them..My friend at work..years back..lives in such a stately home..Pierrette..who gave me her fruitcake of the most elegant homes!
    Still...the sea is calling me!
    Prime location is right!

  2. Your top heading with the painting and the real thing is fab


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