Sunday, November 9, 2014

Local Bays

The shore of Peconic Bay is littered with bay scallop shells.
 A local delicacy is in season.
I picked up my local bays at the CLAMMAN.
There were so many shells on the little boat ramp beach near our house that I wondered if I could try to catch a few on my own.
I used a recipe from a Benefit Cookbook.
Go Fish - Benefit Cookbook
Benefitting The Peconic Baykeeper and
The Southampton Town Trustee's Shellfish Program
cover art by Susan D'Alessio
The benefit cookbook was published in 2011 in conjunction with an art sale and fundraising event. I don't see the book available online any longer, but BookHampton may be able to find one for you.  The book includes recipes from local fishermen, artists and chefs. Ina Garten's recipe for Bay Scallops Gratin and April Gornik's recipe for Pasta with Artichokes and Shrimp are just a few of the gems. Some articles about the book and fundraiser here:
Leiny's Yummy Bay Scallops
Heat large, flat, cast-iron pan until hot hot hot; toss in some butter and rinsed baby bay scallops. Sear them up pretty to a nice golden brown. Glaze them by adding some white wine when they are sizzling up and each scallop looks like a little jewel. Squeeze in some juicy lemon or lime from your home grown citrus trees. Serve immediately over a bed of brown rice, with a fresh tossed salad with some extra virgin olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Most important, drink some wine while cooking and  with dinner, it makes me happy. Tre simple! - Leiny Piro
I don't know recipe author Leiny Piro, but wouldn't you just love to dine at the Piro house? You can sense a spirit of joie de vivre in this simple recipe. I used 2T of butter, a splash of wine plus a squirt of bottled lemon juice (instead of fresh) and the result was delicious. 
This morning, I combed through the garden and found enough flowers for a small bouquet. A few hydrangea and some late blooming perennials that I can't remember the name of. A hard freeze is predicted. This will probably be the end of any lingering blooms until next year. 


  1. What a very pretty post.
    I love scallops..and their shells..your dish looks delicious..your nook blooms too.
    Love the shots are a talented photographer.

    1. Thanks M! Luckily I couldn't believe all of the scallop shells on the beach. Luckily I had my iphone with me to 'capture' them.

  2. Just lovely. Your scallops look delicious and what a pretty floral arrangement. Stay warm!


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