Saturday, December 13, 2014

Art in Unexpected Places

I discovered the work of Carolyn Munaco quite by accident. I found my eye drawn to a portrait of a weakfish on a weathered piece of driftwood at Lynch's Garden Center. Her work is modestly displayed amidst the home decor. Munaco lives in nearby Hampton Bays where she creates art in a number of mediums. Found here, are some of her portraits of sea life on recovered beach wood. 
Photos below are from Carolyn Munaco's website.
"The overwhelming desire and passion I have to translate my observations and experiences within my natural environment into art work has been with me since I was a young child.  
      I can often be found along the shores with my camera, a sketch book, gathering materials and stockpiling experiences to use in my art work. The colors, the lines, the flora, the fauna, the weather, the moon, the sun, along with the tides are all represented in my work. My pure enjoyment of the coastlines and the outdoors of Eastern Long Island continually provide me with inspiration to create and evolve as an artist." Carolyn Munaco via
by Carolyn Munaco
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A video from Munaco's successful Kickstarter campaign:

Hampton Bays Artist Carolyn Munaco Kickstarts Riverhead Exhibition - article from Dan't Papers here
Carolyn Munaco was a wonderful and unexpected discovery. 
Yes, I did bring home the weakfish portrait. 

Carolyn Munaco
Phone: 516.480.7152


  1. Love the driftwood paintings and beach scenes..what a quaint vignette with the café au lait cups too!
    You have so many a colony:)

  2. PS thanks to you Bing is back in town..CD version:)

  3. Yay! I had the carols going yesterday too as I was putting the ornaments on the tree.


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