Monday, December 22, 2014

Made With Love

During cold winter days, I seek the comfort of quilted flannel. Being wrapped in the fabric chosen and sewn by my Mother enfolds me in both warmth and her love.
My mother grew up in the country. The dresses she learned to sew were the ones that draped the girl that my father fell in love with. When they married and moved nearer the city were Dad found work, Mom took in sewing to help make ends meet. Each Christmas she sewed all of us kids special outfits. I looked forward to that velveteen dress each year. I can only imagine what stress she must have put herself through to get them done in time for Christmas Eve.
Mom started quilting after we were all grown up. It became her primary creative outlet and a meditation. Now, instead of velveteen dresses we are blessed with beautiful quilted blankets. The quilt above is called "Amid the Cold of Winter". The quilt label on the back includes a copy of a cardinal that my Dad, who is no longer with us, drew for one of the family Christmas cards. I am lucky to have a number of quilts made by the artist known as "Mom". Thank you Mom, for all of your love and encouragement. 
Great Grandma, Me and Mom
Wishing you a wonderful holiday and many blessings in the New Year!


  1. Such a sweet post.
    The way she is looking at you says it all..
    L'amour avec le grand A.
    Love the quiil.
    My mom made me a black velveteen dress when I was 15 with a white moiré Peter Pan type collar:)
    Her quilting is fabulous Gail.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Gail! What a lovely memory of family to share. 😊

  3. Just lovely, Gail! Merry Christmas!


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