Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Daguerreotype Detour

John W. Livingston and Captain Jarrett c1855
Brooklyn Historical Society via
While google-stalking portraits of sea captains I came across these images from the Brooklyn Historical Society collection. The image of two men captivated me. The unknown photographer captured personalities that seemed to leap from my computer screen. What was their story? Down the research rabbit-hole I fell. Was John Livingston the Naval officer referenced here? There is no first name listed for Captain Jarrett. Finding out more was nigh impossible. I took a closer look at the equipment with which they pose. It seems to be more about land surveying than sea navigation. Perhaps Jarrett is a Civil War Captain rather than a ship's Captain?
Such an evocative photo! In my mind's eye I can see a film which begins with this photo. A suggestive soundtrack plays as the photo fades into a color version of the two men mise en scenĂ©. The photo transforms into action. The circumstance of the photo is revealed and the story unfolds. What adventure are they embarking on? What actors would you pick to play them? 
K. and E. Solar Transit image via
Perhaps Michael Fassbender for the Livingston role.
What actors would you choose? What adventure do you imagine that they are about to embark upon? Or perhaps the photo is to commemorate a triumphant return. I look at both of them standing there and really wonder! Aren't old photos a gift? They help to make history real.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Bridge

One Saturday this summer I did something crazy. I picked up a hitch hiker on Noyac Road. I have NEVER done this before. He was standing on the corner of Millstone and Noyac. There were a few people and a dog along side the road, I thought they were together. He was wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. It was hot. I pulled over thinking someone needed help. The man with the white shirt asked if he could have a lift to the bridge. I was surprised, but said,"sure, get in." I was thinking that he was talking about the railroad bridge. The bridge that carries the Long Island railroad from Manhattan to Montauk. As we drove along, chatting, he said, "You know THE BRIDGE, don't you?" I had to admit I didn't know what he was talking about. He explained that it was a golf course built on the former Bridgehampton Race Circuit. He worked there. As we drove along Millstone Road he told me all about The Bridge. The story about a race track in the middle of the Hamptons now turned into a private golf course seemed rather fantastic. When it was time, he told me where to turn off. The entrance to the course was nondescript and the road was worn and down at heels. Right then a flash went through my mind, "THIS would be a good place to dump a body." Signage from the previous incarnation as a race track showed up immediately to quell my paranoid thoughts. As the road wound higher the views and beautiful landscape were breath taking. When we reached the circular drive and the clubhouse I was completely astounded. Vistas to Sag Harbor, Shelter Island and beyond. A member's car, an orange McClaren, was parked prominently out front. I dropped off my passenger, wished him the best. I was too gobsmacked to take any photos. I vowed to come back. What an exquisitely beautiful place! When I told Hugh about my adventure he was VERY upset. "You did WHAT?" Though this adventure turned out fine, he made me promise never ever to pick up a hitch hiker again. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Magical Marders

Holiday preparation includes a visit to Marders.
A pair of sphynx-like cats flank the front door.
Inside is sparkling and magical.
Charming vignettes.
A ceiling bejeweled with spheres of light.
A winged creature, doe-eyed and adorned in floral bustier.
She presides over offerings of local honey.
Myriad selections for a beautiful table top.
Orchids, dramatic candlesticks and Cire Trudon candles.
Fabulous snow globes.
Classic blue and white.
Marders garden shop is always filled with lovely things, but this time of year it is over the top spectacular. They create an enchanting holiday fantasyland. Marders designers also create custom wreaths and floral arrangements year round. Visiting here is always a mood lifter.
120 Snake Hollow Road

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Grace Coddington in Bridgehampton

Author, Editor and Icon Grace Coddington was signing her book Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue in Bridgehampton at Kinnaman and Ramaekers Antiques.
The Antiques store next to Pierre's on the Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton is glorious place for browsing and discovering treasures. Grace Coddington has a home in the area and has become friends with the store's owners over the years. Lucky us, to have the opportunity to meet her in the intimate and eclectic surroundings of an antique store in the Hamptons in winter time.
Grace, A Memoir here
Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue here
Biographical material on Grace Coddington found online:
Business of Fashion here
Vogue here

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mica Marder Show

Art by Mica Marder is on display at the Silas Marder Gallery.
Mica's works are stunning. He exquisitely assembles collected materials into piscine shapes. I highly recommend seeing this show before the gallery closes for the winter December 20th.
Dogskull Blackfish, 2015
Mixed media on board
49 1/4" x 97 1/4"
Ulua, 2015
Mixed media on board
54 1/2" x 121" 
My favorite work was the Sea Bass.
I could stare at it for hours, up close and from afar.
Sea Bass, 2015
Mixed media on wood board
54" x 157 1/2"
Flucke, 2015
Mixed media, 48" x 96 1/4"
I would love to visit Mica's studio and see how he creates these beauties.
Blackfish #2, 2015
Mixed Media
49 1/2" x 97 1/2"
contact Jess Frost at gallery@silasmarder.com

On Instagram @mpelagica

Marders garden center shop is currently offering honey harvested by Josie and Mica Marder from their hives in Springs, East Hampton. Honey jar labels hand written by Josie. Such a creative couple!
 Josie on Instagram @jozie_beee