Friday, January 30, 2015

At the Whalebone

The Whalebone General Store in Noyac, Sag Harbor is the hub of the neighborhood. It is where to go for the morning newspapers, lottery tickets, birthday cards, toys, and gifts, many locally produced. The huge candy counter is a destination point for sugar deprived children on the way home from a day at the beach. The store's selections change to satisfy seasonal desires. The Whalebone is also the place to get all of the latest neighborhood news. I say news, not gossip (wink). Just recently, Linda and George Heine have expanded the locally sourced artisanal products to include fine art by local artists.
You may be familiar with some of the artists.
La, la la!
Dering Harbor by Gail Gallagher
Wooley Pond by Hugh Gallagher
It's an honor to be in the company of some wonderful local artisans.
Handmade signs by Kris Nielsen
Photographs by Ralph Pugliese Jr.
A beautiful wall of various sized paintings by Scott Hewitt
Scott Hewitt's website here
Pottery made in Sag Harbor by Nancy Robbins
Artisanal Soaps from Southampton Soap Company
I can dream about weather for wearing a hat like this.


  1. I love stores like that..
    How wonderful to have your art featured there..
    Gail and Hugh..that is something!

  2. I loved seeing your art! It's just beautiful and how exciting to have it displayed. Congratulations!


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