Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ditch Plains and Montauk Point

Ditch Plains beach, low tide.
It was a crisp beautiful day for a walk along the ocean.
After our Ditch Plains visit, we continued east to Montauk Point.
Camp Hero is a former air force station. Now it is a state park.
The radar remnant is the only one of its kind still in existence.
Numerous signs dotted the cliff edges warning us to keep back.
The bluffs reminded me of this George Bellows painting:
Shore House, 1911 by George Bellows
40" x 42" image via
The feeling of windblown desolation is the same today as it was then.
Spectacular views.
The lighthouse and its museum are closed now for the season. They reopen in March. There is a privately run cafe and gift shop that was open for refreshments when we were there. 


  1. It must be fantastic to walk a beach in winter..I have in Fl many years ago..but these beaches are different..We have been watching a series called The Affair takes place in Montauk..wonder if it really does..should Google I should..

  2. I haven't seen that series, but they did film in Montauk. There was a recent article in the local press recalling how the plot echoes a real life scandal.

  3. Interesting!
    It is quite steamy..I really enjoy the cast.
    My parents would not believe what is shown on tv now...


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