Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sage Street Antiques

I could see a large green bottle in the window of Sage Street Antiques. 
I was reminded of an N.C. Wyeth still life of a dusty green bottle.
The Dusty Bottle by N.C. Wyeth (1882 - 1945)
1924 oil on canvas  37 1/4 x 39 7/8
image via Brandywine Museum
N.C. Wyeth's Sudio at Brandywine 
image via
We visited the Brandywine Museum many years ago. The painting of a dusty bottle has stuck in my mind since. Its simple composition and the way that Wyeth captures light on glass is incredible. Wyeth's studio is also part of the museum. When I saw the ordinary green bottle and how Wyeth had painted it to look so extraordinary it confirmed to me the power of art to enhance the commonplace. 
When I saw the green bottle in the window at Sage Antiques I had to go in and take a closer look. The bottle was just one of many objects that would contribute to a marvelous still life composition.
A mother and her two young children were entering the shop as I was.  I am guessing the boy was around 8 years old, the girl was younger. As the group entered the store I heard the boy say, "Can we get something?" to which the mother answered, "Yes." I had to wonder what would interest a boy of this age in a store filled with mostly antique glass. I became engrossed with various objects and my own shopping, only noticing the little family when the mother cautioned her children to take care as they walked around various displays. Not much later, voices at the cashier desk attracted my attention. The boy was discussing his find, a particular marble, with the proprietor. 
photo via
After listening to the enthusiastic discussion between boy and elder proprietor,  I was dying to see what the little girl had chosen, but they had exited the store before I could spy further. 


  1. I loved marbles as a child.. I still have some that I use as pie weights..not my childhood ones..
    My mom enjoyed painting still life I think..
    I am trying to think of the ones I saw in my youth that she did.
    Did you buy anything?

    1. I am arranging a still life with some new found glass. Stay tuned...

  2. Love that big glass jug! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with a new still life!


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