Saturday, January 10, 2015

Street Art

by The Tanster
 The street artist known as The Tanster has a work on the steps of the old Rogers Library Building. 
I nearly walked right by, but recognized the artist's signature rainbow spray paint.
 Well done, Tanster!
You can follow the Gemeinschaftprojekt on Instagram.
I know nothing about The Tanster.
Besides the Instagram feed there is a mention in Dan's Papers here.
I was chatting with Nancy at J.McLaughlin across the street. She and Val had assumed that the art was a teaser to announce an upcoming show in the currently empty library space. Great idea!


  1. Did you see /hear? Amy Adams won for Big Eyes..Golden Globe!

    1. Yes! I didn't get a chance to watch the show (Downton was on!) but I heard that this morning. Yay Amy! She was wonderful in this role.

    2. I watched DA too..Jacques PVRd the GG..
      Too many commercials..he doesn't watch the GG..fewer and fewer faces move...

  2. So whimsical and fun. Southampton seems to have a vibrant artists' community. It seems there is always something intriguing to see!


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