Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

I took a walk along Nugent Street during my Southampton "red hunt". The sidewalk was coated with ice. As I stepped warily along the walk, I looked up and noticed the icicles edging the eaves of a closed shop. Water was dripping down the icicles along the roof and running down the side of the building coating the steps of the store below and the sidewalk that I was standing on. 
My thought was, "Not red.. but interesting". I should have been thinking, "I am barely upright on a sheet of ice and could go down any moment now".  I took my hand out of my pocket and went "clickety click" with the iPhone camera and crept slowly on to the next store front filled with red dresses. When I got home and looked through my Southampton photos, I was happy that I had noticed. The work in the gallery window perfectly echoes the icy entrance of the closed juice bar next door.
It was also clear that the jewelry stores were ready for Valentine's Day. 
Ice Ice Baby.
Glittery gifts.
Crystal champagne glasses are also nice, especially accompanied by treats from the Village Cheese Shoppe.
Perhaps you are anti-ice.
 His and Hers salt spreaders at Lynch's Garden Center?
Umm, better not.
At least not for Valentines!
Pretty Primrose plants would be a better idea.


  1. The store front,,JUICE..I saw Ice at first..Nothing melting here -15F!!!!
    Bitter cold.

    I love YOUR town!
    Have a great weekend Gail:) Happy V day to you both:)

    1. Thanks M. and a wonderful weekend to you & J. as well!

  2. Such pretty windows, love the touch of red. Glad you didn't slip on the ice!

    1. Nothing is melting this weekend, we are back to cold cold. Thanks Val!


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